EDGE for Field Data Collectors

EFS can work with your organization to create a field data collection solution.  EFS is proud to partner with Juniper Systems to offer a full package of hardware, software and support for the field data collection process.  EFS clients currently use the Juniper Mesa for field data collection.  The Mesa is a ruggedized field computer that is outfitted with field data software that is easy to operate for field staff of varying experience.  Once data is collected it can then be synced with EDGE for viewing, analysis, and additional editing once back in the office.  With EDGE as the central management console it also allows for managers of field crews to inspect, direct, and analyze field data collection operations.


The City of Monticello, AR maps each location where they repair the city’s water system. The data collected in the field includes location, type of pipe, reason for leak, address of leak, and cost to repair. This mapping is completed with a Juniper Systems Mesa and is synced at the end of the day to EDGE so city managers can view the leak locations as well as analyze the cost of the leaks. Monticello has used this system to make the case for replacing the deteriorating water system.

JS-(vertical)-SMesa Available Colors 1


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